Great Christmas presant

This is a great christmas present that I    enjoyed making for my friends and family.

What you do first is you find a washed can, then you take off its label. After that you can make a snowman.


Make a snowman

First you need a can [clean] and take off the label. Then you take a hot glue gun and a bag of white pom poms. start gluing on the pom poms until you are happy. then take two brown pipe cleaners for the arms. cut 3 more brown pipe cleaners and make them about one centimeter in length. Then you put the 3 pieces of pipe cleaner on the other pipe cleaner. after you do that you do the same for the other one, while they are drying you can glue on a head. For the head take a clean rounded jar and glue on more pom poms. For the nose take a cone of orange paper and glue it on. then take two black buttons and glue them on. For more crafts read the book “the best craft book ever”

If you want to make a Button Snowman Ornament , click here.